How To Hire Chauffeur Service In Melbourne?

Getting around in big cities such as Melbourne can be a real challenge, so many people here are reaching for a simple and elegant solution – chauffeur cars service Melbourne . This kind of service can save your day, make you feel fabulous and safe. You can choose car you like, destination, time, and arrange or little details by simply calling customer service, or getting your free quotes online. Riding in style was never more affordable and easier!

You can use chauffeur car hire Melbourne if you need glamorous ride to your wedding, for social event or party, or for more serious occasions, such as business meetings and airport transfers. Once you try this type of service, you will definitely love it, and you will probably start to use it on a regularly base. Getting from one place to another is never going to be the same, once you try riding in your private limousine, enjoying the comfort, luxury and glamour. You wont have to worry about all those small things which can ruin your day such as arriving on time, finding the right parking place, looking around for a taxi, being stuck in traffic, or making a wrong turn and getting late to an important business meeting. Treat yourself with a stress free ride.

In case you have any questions or special requests you can always reach to the customer service, look for the information online, or simply call the chauffeur service and find out everything you want to know. Also, many people like to use this service to surprise their friends or family, by arranging private excursions and tours. One of the most popular destinations around Melbourne are Great Ocean Road, Phillip Island day tour, Mornington Peninsula, Dandenong Ranges and Macedon Ranges daily tours. Whatever package you choose, your beloved ones will be more than delight. Buying a voucher for a private limousine tour around the city can be a great and unique present. Check the website for more information!

Another great advantage of using chauffeur service is that you get an experienced driver with year of driving throughout Melbourne and Victoria. The drivers will make sure that your ride is comfortable, and that you arrive to your flight, meeting, wedding or a party in style and of course on time.  Choose between high quality and sophisticated cars, including BMWs, Mercedes Benz and Chrysler.

If you are visiting Melbourne for the first time, this is a great option for you. From the moment you land, you can choose airport transfer, and you can continue using the service by booking sightseeing tours, and avoid big crowds and wasting your precious time on traffic jams or wondering around, asking people for directions, and desperately trying to find available taxi. Private drivers can save so much of your time, and they are always happy to show the tourist around, and take them to the best city tours. Make sure to book you transfer back to the airport, and avoid getting late for your flight.


How To Chose Your Wedding Car Hire Melbourne

Whether you celebrate a wedding, a graduation, a birthday or a lady’s night, wedding car hire Melbourne  are an excellent choice because the first rule for a good time is: “No one should drive!” Since all limousines involve a driver, you will not need to think of parking, but direct all your energy and good mood to your celebration. Whether you decide to rent a car for a special event or to simply go through the city, you can rely on this type of service. They say that the wedding day is the most beautiful day in each couple’s life. However, people who did not organize a wedding do not know how sometimes the organization of the wedding leads to arguments, tears and stress.

It’s easy to get lost when you have to think about flowers arrangements, decorators, restaurants, gifts, dress, makeup, hairdresser, wedding rings. There are millions of decisions that you will have to go through the next few months until your big day. That’s why it’s not weird if all if you are scared. Even if you are a fearless and perfectly organized couple, you will need a few tips to perfectly organize the best party in your life.

One of the things that can make your life much easier is to rent wedding cars Melbourne  and be sure that your wedding will start in a great way, with your spectacular and elegant arriving. You wont be late, it will be more than enough space for your wedding dress and friends, you will have your very own professional driver, and your arriving will be memorable. Chose the car that fits your needs, such as Mercedes-Benz Classes, BMW Series 7 and Chrysler. If you have any special requests regarding car decoration, or taking you right to the airport for your honeymoon after the wedding, be free to ask customer service, and organize these things in advance. This is the great way to avoid all the stress on your special day.

Wedding is your day, the only one to consult with is your better half. So do not react to the pressure and demands of others. Do not let them make you do something you do not want. So do not ask too many people for their opinion. It will only confuse you. The best people to help you around the organization are your friends who are married and who know what you are going through. Do not hesitate to ask them for advice or recommendation. In this way, you get a better insight into everything and better prepare for some things you did not think too much about. Last and foremost advice: do not forget why you are organizing a wedding. It’s just one day while your marriage will last forever, so do not forget about your relationship. During the organization of the wedding you will be in a variety of stressful situations, but do not forget why you are trying so hard.







10 Events In Australia That You Should See

Australia is one of the most popular countries for tourist. There are many reasons for this fact, and we tried to make a list of 10 most popular events in Australia. Most of them are based around Melbourne, capital of Victoria. Melbourne is a huge city, so if you are coming here for the first time, you may need few advice’s. If you want to use your time wisely you should consider hiring Melbourne chauffeur cars, so you can see all important things, and save your time in traffic. Also, if you would like to explore Victoria’s wineries or visit some other places that are a little bit far from city, you should book 12 seater Chrysler limo Melbourne for your private tours , with professional Melbourne chauffeur service who will take care of you.


1. The Australia Day

The Australia Day is the official state day, the holiday of Australia, and is celebrated on the 26th of January. It’s considered to be one of the most significant events in Australia, which marked the arrival of the first fleet and the beloved settlers in the Sydney Bay in 1788.


2. Melbourne Food and Wine Festival

This festival is the most significant event in Victoria, each Tuesday celebrating the culture of food and wine in Melbourne and Victoria. This festival lasts four nights and has over 250 events.


3. Sunday Food (Orange F.O.O.D Week)

This event is a ten-day event that brings together products from the region, producers, painters, and caterers. It keeps on every April. This festival has become one of the most important national festivals with over 100 events.


4. Balloon Festival in Canberra (Canberra Balloon Fiesta)

This festival started to be organized in 1986. This is one of Australia’s best autumn festivals held in April and lasts for 9 days. The main theme of this festival are balloons of various types, colors and sizes. This festival attracted more than 20,000 posters.


5. The Darwin Beer Can Regatta

The regatta is held in the afternoon of July or the first week of August, depending on time. Participants of this regatta make the ships use empty cans of beer.


6. The Australian Open Championship

Australia’s Open Tennis Championship is the first of four four-star grand slam tournaments held each year in January in Melbourne and lasts two weeks. The first time the tournament was held was in 1905. As with every grand slam tournament, there is a male and female competition, male, female and mixed doubles, junior tournaments, carriageways, exhibition competition and legends competition.


7. The Summer Music Festival This is a festival of electronic music, held in Victoria (The Victorian Arts Center). This festival is well known among young people, who often comes from all around the world


8. Asian Food Festival

This is a popular food festival held in the Chinese quartet in Melbourne. You can try all kind of Asian food here, enjoy in new flavors, and meet famous chefs who visit this festival.


9. Formula One Grand Prix

Famous competition held at Albert Park. This is first race in the season, and its very popular among Formula 1 fans


10. Surfing Classic (Bells Beach Surfing Classic)

This is one of the world’s best surfing competitions, held in Bells Beach in Victoria. The winner gets Bell trophy, and atmosphere on this festival is amazing.


Business meetings can be stress free!

Arriving on time is another very important thing when it comes to business meetings. If your business meeting is important to you, and if you are coming straight from the airport, best solution is to hire professional Melbourne chauffeur cars service. You will arrive in style, on time, with professional driver who knows all roads in Melbourne, and you can be sure that your ride is going to be stress free, so you can even read your notes for the meeting while you are heading to the office. Urban chauffeured VHA cars in Melbourne offer you corporate packages, with elegant and luxury cars such as BMW’s, Mercedes Benz’s and Chrysler’s. Booking them is easy, and you can always get all information you need from customer service.

How many times have you experience anxiety before important business meetings? Are you afraid did you choose the right suit, are you going to be late or how will the meeting go? Here are some advises that can help you with your next business meeting.

Many companies operate the same way. People from different sectors do the job they are in charge of communicating with each other at meetings of different types. If there are days when you have five or more business meetings each day, you are probably already used to them and you can make the time and effort worthwhile. However, ask yourself how many meetings you had in the past, which were a clear failure. Why is that so?

First off all, you have to leave a good first impression, whether you are the one holding the meeting, or you are invited to attend one. Avoid extravagant and striking clothing and clothing with striking brands from the manufacturer. You should not allow your appearance to attract more attention than your professional quality. Certain deviations in terms of exaggeration and free dress are possible if expected in your profession.

Get dressed in a trend – but in a business trend. It’s okay to show that you care about your appearance, but not more than what is required of you in a meeting. Do not wear new clothes that you have not tried yet – you do not know how you feel about it, how it is, whether it’s stinging … It’s important that you feel comfortable and secure in that clothes. Your suit must be impeccably clean and stretchy. Avoid materials that are easily cluttered.

It is often forgotten that quality is more important than quantum, so sometimes people are not sure about what they are exactly present or who, for example, would be interested in selling a new sales strategy for somebody from the technical support department.

Of course, you’ve always found yourself in a situation to attend meetings within a company, where people find them so uninteresting and irrelevant to the job they are doing, to draw landscapes by block, instead of following the course of the meeting. How to correctly determine who should attend these meetings and why is it important to define it at all? What to do if such mistakes do not happen and people do not lose their precious time?

Purpose and goal! First and foremost, you need to know the purpose of the meeting and what exactly you want to achieve. The key word is preparing, and organizing. Save the agenda, point by point. Plan how much time you will need for each part of it, which are more important parts and what you want to highlight and achieve.

Like most things we do, time is a key thing. If you start on time, everything can run smoothly and you can keep up to date with your schedule. We recommend that you reach the minute before everyone else to get the time for the latest preparation. For good business communication, keep eye contact: If you want a successful meeting, it’s important that you do not avoid eye contact – both while you are talking and while listening. Contact with your eyes in business communication gives the impression to your interlocutor that it has your attention. Only four seconds is necessary to get someone’s attention.

Standing attitude is a sign of respect for interlocutors: The way we stand while we communicate is telling a lot about us. One of the most common examples of good holding conversations is a straight line. Except that this attitude points to the existence of self-confidence, it leaves the impression that you respect the interlocutor. In this way, you send a message that an interesting topic is the subject of the conversation.

Another way for you and your colleagues to be more productive is to send them the agenda at least one day before the meeting. Sending emails was never simpler, and today everyone can read it wherever it is, with the help of a mobile phone. Time is the most precious resource. Accordingly, all the above tips will really help you not to waste that resource in vain and to get the best out of every meeting.

Ideas for New Years Eve in Australia

It’s almost time for us to say goodbye to 2017, and the time for the craziest New Year’s night is getting closer, we believe that many of you face a dilemma where and how to welcome New Year 2018. Depending on what kind of entertainment you want, i.e. Whether you are someone who wants to be in action and part of the center of events, or are you, for a more peaceful variant, together with family or friends, here are a couple of destinations for everyone’s taste.

New Year in Sydney

As many of you know, the first association at New Year’s Eve in Sydney is a famous Sydney firework that has attracted the attention of visitors and viewers around the world for years. Spectacular Sydney Harbor is an incredible amphitheater for more than a million visitors to the Red Cross Business District, as well as neighboring Sydney resorts seeking to find a better position to enjoy the incredible scenery of the colorful Sydney sky filled with fireworks launched around the Harbor Bridge. The best advice is to meet local residents who have a flat or roof overlooking the harbor and escape from crowds to enjoy this view in peace.

Cruise in Melbourne

It could be said that Melbourne knows that how to enjoy New Year’s fireworks, but like in any other big city, if you decide to celebrate New Year in the streets of Melbourne, be prepared to deal with a huge crowd waiting for you there. One alternative to a wonderful New Year’s Eve, without fear that someone will push you and spill you a glass of champagne for the first New Year’s toast, is enjoying the scene cruising along the Yarra river. However, make sure you plan well and ask for night transportation if you want the night in the New Year to be perfect. Its also good idea to organise chauffeur car hire Melbourne, so you don’t have to worry about transportation for that night. Also, with Urban chauffeur driven cars Melbourne, you can book any kind of transportation for this night, and you can also organize little excursions around Melbourne. Your night will definitely be stress free and you can relax and enjoy your ride. Drivers are experienced and they all know the roads in Melbourne so you don’t have to worry that you will be stuck in traffic at midnight.

Sunrise in Byron Bay

If you want to be among the first to see the sunrise in the new year, then Byron Bay is the right place for you. Cape Bryon is the easternmost point of Bayern Bay on the Australian mainland and is therefore the first place on the Australian land that will see the dawn of a new day in 2017. When it comes to the evening of New Year’s Eve, knowing that Byron is a place for a good time, there are certainly many facilities in which you can celebrate the New Year.

Pumpkin Island

If you are looking for a place to escape from the crowds of New South Wales and do something unusual, let the adventurers lying in you and rent the whole island for your friends and family, or just for you and your beloved one. On the “Pumpkin Island” located on the Southern Great Coral Reef you can afford a piece of tropical paradise for less than the average cost in an apartment on the top of the building. Although you will not find the fireworks here, you will enjoy the beautiful nature of the island, which is filled with swings and deck chairs for unforgettable relaxation.

In addition to the above locations, there is also a great party with unforgettable fireworks in Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, Hobart, Canberra, Darwin and other major cities in Australia. Now it’s up to you to decide what to choose. One thing is certain, wherever it is important to be with the people you love and with whom you will joyfully step into New 2018.

How Does It Look To Celebrate New Years Eve At 30 Degrees?

One of the best cities for visiting during the holiday season is Melbourne. This is one of the biggest cities in Australia, so be prepared for lot of people, going shopping and heading to the same directions as you do. Our best advice is to call and book chauffeur Melbourne to take you around. Also, if you are coming at the airport, make sure to book vha cars Melbourne transfer, because at this time of the year it is almost impossible to find taxi at the airport. Don’t let traffic and stress to ruin your holidays, and treat yourself with good transportation in Melbourne

If you planning to celebrate the New Year in Australia, forget about the hot tea, the beautiful blue Danube, the French salad, fireplaces champagne and gingerbread. Prepare a swimming suit, comfortable sandals, large beer bar, a beach towel, a sunbathing cream and be ready for super-parties. Some people would say that celebrations in Australia are much less festive than in Europe, but they are crazy fun if you are in the right place.

The most famous outdoor reception in Australia is the one in the Sydney Harbor Bridge and opera house, with spectacular fireworks. As one of the first countries in the world entering the new year, Australia proudly sends these really beautiful pictures to the world as soon as midnight. You can see this phenomenon with the other million people from the mainland or from the sea if you are arranging for a cruise or find someone with a boat. Crowds are huge, but this is an experience you will never forget.

Of course, all other Australian cities also have fireworks and outdoor receptions, and if there is a good time without rain, you really have a lot of options for celebrating outside in parks or on the beach. And if you accidentally find yourself in a suburb, it may happen that neighbors close the streets and make their own party outside with punch, beer and sandwiches. It’s a kind of tradition among older Australians, and it’s interesting if you can experience it.

If you are longing for a party that is more organized, a lot of bars, clubs and restaurants have dinners and receptions that are always good to book in advance. Prices range from $100 for something a bit modest and so on.

It is summer, and this is also the time of Australia’s music festivals that is a great way to welcome the New Year in an unforgettable atmosphere. Some of the best falls for the New Year are the Falls Festival (in several locations), Lost Paradise (which is also a yoga festival), NYE on the Hill, and Contest for those who love hippie relaxation.

Australians love to camp during the holidays. There is always danger of fire and various snake and spiders (but you have to prepare for that if you come to Australia and go to nature). There are really beautiful areas, but if you do not want to walk around without a place to sleep, you have to reserve seats in the camps in advance because the crowds are huge.

If you are in a couple or have a family and you want to afford something luxurious and especially over the next year (and you also have enough money!) locals will always suggest a trip to the northern islands of Australia. Whitsundays form a group of 74 tropical islands near the famous Australian coral reef. Nature is wonderful – heaven on earth. These islands are a favorite destination for families with children and couples who want a carefree journey because everything is extremely organized and controlled. The prices are high, especially around the New Year, but it is worth seeing at least once.

A little south of Whitsundays is the famous Gold Coast with miles of white sand beaches that is a paradise for young people with a bunch of new year’s parties and theme parks like SeaWorld and Movie World. It is some kind of a fusion of America and Australia, a lot artificial and massive. On the other hand, in the south of Australia is a sympathetic island and state of Tasmania, which seems to have stood in some time. If you want a little quiet destination for the New Year, many Australians love to come here for good food, beautiful mountain nature, good whiskey, chocolate and summer berry fruit. You can join the new year with top hiking and fresh air (Tasmania is always the coolest part of Australia, and just an island between it and Antarctica). If you want to do something really crazy, you can host the New Year first in Sydney and then jump on the plane and do it all again in Hawaii, one of the last locations in the world where New Year begins. That’s because the flight lasts just over 10 hours.




Six events where you need a private taxi

Driving can be very stressful, especially when its rush hour, or when you have to drive through the city you don’t know well. Hiring a private taxi  or VHA cars for special events such as weddings or corporate meetings can significantly reduce your stress level and you can enjoy on your special day or prepare for your meeting in the car, while professional driver is taking care of you. Booking with town cars Melbourne you can choose different cars such as Mercedes-Benz Classes, BMW Series 7, Genesis and Chrysler. Here are 6 events where we suggest hiring a private taxi.

1. Wedding
One of the most important day for many couples is definitely their wedding day. Organizing a whole party and ceremony can cause lot of stress, and last thing you need to worry about is your transfer from church to the venue, or to the park where are you going to take pictures. Enjoy in comfortable, luxury car, with a glass of champagne in your hand and feel glamorous and special. You arriving will be spectacular and experienced driver will know how to handle traffic jams and where to take you so you can take perfect wedding pictures.

2. Business meeting
Another important event where you can definitely use private taxi is corporate or business meeting. You will definitely impress your business partners arriving in private limousine with your very own chauffer. Not only you will arrive on time, but you will also have time to go through you plan for meeting while driving on back seat of a luxury car. Meeting can be stressful but you ride shouldn’t be.

3. Airport transfer
Nobody wants to miss their flight, but when you are stuck in traffic, there are always good chances. With Urban chauffeured airport transfer service, you can relax, and be sure that you will arrive on time. Experienced drivers know all the roads in Melbourne, and arriving on time is not a questionable. You can also hire private taxi when you are arriving at Melbourne. Driver will wait for you, and take you wherever you need.

4. Wine tours
Victoria’s wineries are interesting not only for tourists visiting Melbourne, but also for the locals who can always enjoy a weekend away in beautiful nature and quality wines. Urban Chauffeur Cars provides complete tour packages for wine tours. You can book it for small or large groups, and you can be sure that you will enjoy not only the comfortable ride, but also a company of experienced driver who will be the real tourist guide for you. These tours are great if you are not spending much time in Melbourne, but you are interested in visiting wineries and explore nature.

5. Sightseeing tours
Tourist sightseeing tours are very existing sometimes. You have to wait for all people from your group to arrive, some of them want to stay longer at one place, some of them don’t and you can easily spend your precious time where you don’t want. That’s why hiring private taxi for sightseeing is great option, and you can be sure that you will see everything you are interested for, and you can plan you day in Melbourne as you ant. Professional drivers know all the streets and roads in the city, so you can relax and enjoy in Melbourne.

6. Private party
Have you ever watched movies and celebrities arriving at the private parties in luxury fancy cars? You can do that to! Urban chauffeured car company offers you different types of luxury cars, and your arrival will be definitely noticed. Wheatear you are going to a private party or a big charity event in town, you can be sure that you will enjoy every second of your ride.