How Does It Look To Celebrate New Years Eve At 30 Degrees

One of the best cities for visiting during the holiday season is Melbourne. This is one of the biggest cities in Australia, so be prepared for lot of people, going shopping and heading to the same directions as you do. Our best advice is to call and book chauffeur Melbourne to take you around. Also, if you are coming at the airport, make sure to book vha cars Melbourne transfer, because at this time of the year it is almost impossible to find taxi at the airport. Don’t let traffic and stress to ruin your holidays, and treat yourself with good transportation in Melbourne

hot summer

If you planning to celebrate the New Year in Australia, forget about the hot tea, the beautiful blue Danube, the French salad, fireplaces champagne and gingerbread. Prepare a swimming suit, comfortable sandals, large beer bar, a beach towel, a sunbathing cream and be ready for super-parties. Some people would say that celebrations in Australia are much less festive than in Europe, but they are crazy fun if you are in the right place.

The most famous outdoor reception in Australia is the one in the Sydney Harbor Bridge and opera house, with spectacular fireworks. As one of the first countries in the world entering the new year, Australia proudly sends these really beautiful pictures to the world as soon as midnight. You can see this phenomenon with the other million people from the mainland or from the sea if you are arranging for a cruise or find someone with a boat. Crowds are huge, but this is an experience you will never forget.

Of course, all other Australian cities also have fireworks and outdoor receptions, and if there is a good time without rain, you really have a lot of options for celebrating outside in parks or on the beach. And if you accidentally find yourself in a suburb, it may happen that neighbors close the streets and make their own party outside with punch, beer and sandwiches. It’s a kind of tradition among older Australians, and it’s interesting if you can experience it.

If you are longing for a party that is more organized, a lot of bars, clubs and restaurants have dinners and receptions that are always good to book in advance. Prices range from $100 for something a bit modest and so on.

It is summer, and this is also the time of Australia’s music festivals that is a great way to welcome the New Year in an unforgettable atmosphere. Some of the best falls for the New Year are the Falls Festival (in several locations), Lost Paradise (which is also a yoga festival), NYE on the Hill, and Contest for those who love hippie relaxation.

Australians love to camp during the holidays. There is always danger of fire and various snake and spiders (but you have to prepare for that if you come to Australia and go to nature). There are really beautiful areas, but if you do not want to walk around without a place to sleep, you have to reserve seats in the camps in advance because the crowds are huge.

If you are in a couple or have a family and you want to afford something luxurious and especially over the next year (and you also have enough money!) locals will always suggest a trip to the northern islands of Australia. Whitsundays form a group of 74 tropical islands near the famous Australian coral reef. Nature is wonderful – heaven on earth. These islands are a favorite destination for families with children and couples who want a carefree journey because everything is extremely organized and controlled. The prices are high, especially around the New Year, but it is worth seeing at least once.

A little south of Whitsundays is the famous Gold Coast with miles of white sand beaches that is a paradise for young people with a bunch of new year’s parties and theme parks like SeaWorld and Movie World. It is some kind of a fusion of America and Australia, a lot artificial and massive. On the other hand, in the south of Australia is a sympathetic island and state of Tasmania, which seems to have stood in some time. If you want a little quiet destination for the New Year, many Australians love to come here for good food, beautiful mountain nature, good whiskey, chocolate and summer berry fruit. You can join the new year with top hiking and fresh air (Tasmania is always the coolest part of Australia, and just an island between it and Antarctica). If you want to do something really crazy, you can host the New Year first in Sydney and then jump on the plane and do it all again in Hawaii, one of the last locations in the world where New Year begins. That’s because the flight lasts just over 10 hours.